Initial D Arcade Stage

Important notice
We know the game isn’t available for purchase for home users, but we also don’t want to encourage Piracy. We don’t provide downloads, ISO, torrent. Thus, we may allow Translation Patches.

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Initial D: Arcade Stage offers 1-on-1 races on four mountain circuits. The game is not intended to be particularly realistic, but all the same, the achievement is more than average: summary vehicle modeling, aliasing, slight clipping, poor and fuzzy textures, repetitive decorations and flat trees. The driving is purely arcade, speed changes, two views available (internal and external), the walls do not even slow down or very little and the pins go by themselves without slowing down. This is the problem, unlike other famous Sega games, Initial D requires no skill. It is really accessible to all with an immediate and pleasant grip, but its piloting quickly sounds hollow and only the power of racing cars makes the difference in racing. A game for fans.

The Legendary Fastest Driver mode is played alone and takes up the beginning of Takumi’s story. The opponents and the races follow each other according to a scenario told by fixed drawings and dialogues. The player has the choice between twenty Japanese brand cars (Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki etc.) and each race earns points which are used to improve the performance of the car. The tuning is automatic, we do not choose improvements. All this data is saved in a specific magnetic card purchased beforehand.

Time Attack mode, without competitor, allows you to train and the best players can record their times on a scoreboard linked to the game’s website.

Link mode allows you to play against a friend if two terminals are linked together.

Rom Info and Emulator

Game is working on DEMUL

Bios needed :

Roms depends of the version of DEMUL :


*.bin file required :

Rom : consist of 3 files :
– (9,84 Mb)
– gds-0025.chd (161 Mb)
– gds-0025a.chd (161 Mb)

Specific Controls

  • PUSH1 = Shift Up
  • PUSH2 = Shift Down
  • PUSH3 = Change View
  • PUSH4 = (Not Used)
  • PUSH5 = (Not Used)
  • PUSH6 = Insert/Remove Card




Usage of the Card is strongly recommended.

You can be in 1rst place but lose because of the time limit.





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